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The Establishment of a Polish Subsidiary or Branch: A Comprehensive Guide

Założenie polskiego oddziału lub filii: Pełny Przewodnik


Poland, a thriving economic hub within the European Union, has gained significant attention as an attractive destination for establishing EU subsidiaries or branches. With a transparent and easily accessible online register, the Polish National Court Register (KRS), the process of setting up and managing companies in Poland has become streamlined and efficient.

Accessing the Polish National Court Register (KRS):

Unlike some EU member states, Poland has long upheld its commitment to transparency by providing free access to its company register. The online platform of the KRS allows users to search for company information effortlessly. By visiting, users can enter the company’s KRS number and choose the appropriate register, whether for companies or associations, foundations, professional partnerships, and trade unions.

Information Available on the KRS:

Upon entering the relevant KRS number and register, users gain access to a comprehensive overview page displaying essential company details, addresses, and information about its representatives. This user-friendly interface enables stakeholders to download the complete filing history or obtain a printout of the currently filed information.

Signing Legal Documents and Notarisation:

For those seeking to establish a subsidiary in Poland or comply with filing requirements for an existing company, the process of signing legal documents can be facilitated through notarization. Notable Notaries offers assistance by notarizing signatures in Polish, ensuring legal compliance. This service is particularly valuable for international stakeholders who may not be physically present in Poland, saving them the need for unnecessary travel.

Apostille and Courier Services:

To further simplify the establishment process, Notable Notaries also provides apostille services for documents requiring international recognition. The apostille certifies the authenticity of signatures and seals on public documents, making them valid for use in Poland and other countries. After notarization and apostille, the documents are couriered to Poland, offering a convenient and time-saving solution for stakeholders.


Poland’s appeal as a destination for establishing subsidiaries or branches continues to grow, driven by its robust economy and transparent business environment. Leveraging the resources provided by the Polish National Court Register and services offered by organizations like Notable Notaries, businesses can navigate the intricacies of establishing and managing entities in Poland with ease and confidence.

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