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Francesco Marra and Co Notaries is a renowned notarial firm located in the bustling heart of London, with additional offices in the vibrant cities of Manchester and Birmingham. Our firm is dedicated to excellence, providing a comprehensive range of essential solutionss tailored to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of international document transactions.

What We Do

Our core business includes Notarial certification, Apostille, Certification of documents, Consular Legalisation, and Certified Translations, covering the entirety of England and Wales. Whether clients require certification, legalisation, or translations, our extensive suite of offerings ensures seamless compliance with international standards, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions across borders.

A pivotal aspect of our practice revolves around our proficiency in certifying and obtaining apostilles for various types of documents originating in England and Wales. This crucial step guarantees that our clients’ documents achieve the requisite international recognition and validity, crucial for conducting global business and legal affairs. With meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of international regulations, our seasoned team adeptly navigates the authentication process, providing assurance and peace of mind to our clients.

For individuals seeking a reliable notary near me, we stand as a trustworthy choice. Whether it’s certification of deeds, wills, or passports, our firm ensures accuracy and efficiency in every aspect of the notarial process.

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Here’s a concise summary of our services


Certification of Corporate documents, Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Diploma Degrees, Birth Marriage and Death Certificates.


Legalisation of documents at the FCDO Foreign Commonwealth and Develompent Office, Consular Legalisation, Embassies, Legalisation at Indian High Commission, Apostille on powers of attorney. 


As agents we act as independent party for our clients who need to serve document on their behalf.


We provide certified translations for businesses and individuals in the following languages English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and French.

Our sworn notarial translations are trusted worldwide and save time in court-based procedure based abroad. 

We specialise in translating and certifying complex powers of attorney to be used abroad. 


At Marra and Co Notaries, we can deal with documents about shipping matters. We notarise ship mortgages, discharge, transfer of mortgages, bills of sale, declarations of ownership, and appointment of authorised officers at ship registries.

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The Notary: power of attorney, certification of deeds and apostille

A notary plays a crucial role in facilitating legal transactions involving international interests, such as business, property, or familial matters abroad. Their services encompass witnessing signatures, certifying documents, administering oaths, and verifying identities. These documents range from passports and diplomas to contracts and deeds, each necessitating meticulous attention to detail tailored to the receiving country’s requirements.

Prior to meeting with a notary, clients undergo interviews to ascertain the specifics of their case and the involved parties. This initial step helps identify the necessary documents and evidence for inspection by the notary.

Why using a Notary?

Notarisation serves as a safeguard against fraud or coercion, ensuring the legality of the act. Therefore, verifying the identity, mental capacity, understanding, and willingness of the signatory is paramount.

Regarding fees, a notary typically outlines costs and any third-party expenses upon receiving details of the required services. For complex matters, clients receive transparent fee structures and estimated completion times. However, in certain cases, these parameters may not be immediately ascertainable.

In conclusion, whether it’s certifying a powers of attorney, validating a deed, or providing passport certification or certified translations, a notary’s expertise is indispensable in navigating the intricacies of international legal affairs. Additionally, certification of powers of attorney is a critical aspect of their role, ensuring legal authority in multiple contexts. Whether it’s certifying a powers of attorney for business transactions, property management, or healthcare decisions, a notary’s seal lends essential validity to these crucial documents.

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