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Notary public translation service 

Marra and Co Notaries offer a comprehensive and convenient translation service, providing certified translations directly in the target language by a notary public.

This addresses a crucial need for individuals and businesses dealing with legal and official documents. Emphasising time-saving and reducing complications resonates well with clients, especially in complex processes like legal contracts, academic transcripts, and immigration papers.

The seamless integration of certification by a notaru public and translation simplifies the process.

By offering a one-stop solution for authentication and translation, Marra and Co Notaries stand out, attracting clients prioritising efficiency and accuracy in handling important documents. Their expertise in notary public services and sworn translation services ensures legality and authenticity in legal documentation.

Why a sworn and certified translation?

‘Sworn’ translations bear the stamp of a qualified translator sworn in by the courts and/or embassy of the relevant country. Some foreign registries, like those in Austria, Brazil, Germany, Greece, and Poland, mandate ‘sworn translations’ for document filing. We facilitate the entire process, including translation, certification by the sworn translator and/or embassy, and if needed, legalisation/apostille. The final step involves dispatching the original stamped translations to your intended recipients abroad.

Certified translation by a notary public

In England and Wales, translators are not formally sworn in. Instead, the benchmark is notarial certification by a Notary Public. This is due to the enduring tradition of English notaries, who have been authorized and skilled in translating and handling documents in foreign languages for centuries.

A notary can certify that a translation is accurate, true, and faithful to the original document, either based on a certificate signed by the translator or if the notary is personally qualified in translation for that language.

We have a roster of fully qualified translators, enabling us to rapidly arrange and certify any translation without compromising quality.  We are always ready to provide a certification by a notary public directly in the target language, ensuring accuracy. 

What is a “Certified Translation by a notary public”?

A certified translation is a certification issued by a notary public in England and Wales, attesting that the translation faithfully and accurately represents the content of a document in another language.

Non-certified translation by notary public

For non-certified translations, we offer a rapid email delivery service. Share your document, specify your translation needs (plain/convenience, notarially certified, or translator sworn to a particular court/embassy), and we’ll promptly provide a quote (based on word count), timescale, and process.

What is a “Non-Certified Translation by a notary public”?

A non-certified translation refers to a translation from English to another language that lacks a certificate issued by a Notary Public confirming its truthfulness, accuracy, and faithfulness. A key benefit of a non-certified translation is its affordability, as it typically doesn’t require an apostille, thus saving costs.

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